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1) The actual weight of 2-pound sacks of salted pe...




1) The actual weight of 2-pound sacks of salted peanuts is found to be normally distributed with a mean equal to 2.04 pounds and a standard deviation of 0.25 pounds. Given this information, the probability of a sack weighing more than 2.40 pounds is 0.4251. A) True B) False 2) A university computer lab manager wishes to estimate the mean time that students stay in the lab per visit. She believes that the population standard deviation would be no larger than 10 minutes. Further, she wishes to have a confidence level of 90 percent and a margin of error of ? 2.00 minutes. Given this, the sample size that she uses is approximately 60 students. A) True B) False 3) A local bank has 1,400 checking account customers. Of these, 1,020 also have savings accounts. A sample of 400 checking account customers was selected from the bank of which 302 also had savings accounts. The sampling error in this situation is .0264. A) True B) False 4) The director of the city Park and Recreation Department claims that the mean distance people travel to the city?s greenbelt is more than 5.0 miles. Assuming that the population standard deviation is known to be 1.2 miles and the significance level to be used to test the hypothesis is 0.05 when a sample size of n = 64 people are surveyed, the critical value is approximately 4.75 miles. A) True B) False 5) The population of incomes in a particular community is thought to be highly right-skewed with a mean equal to $36,789 and a standard deviation equal to $2,490. Based on this, if a sample of size n = 36 is selected, the highest sample mean that we would expect to see would be approximately $38,034. A) True B) False 6) The loan manager for State Bank and Trust has claimed that the mean loan balance on outstanding loans at the bank is over $14,500. To test this at a significance level of 0.05, a random sample of n = 100 loan accounts is selected. Assuming that the population standard deviation is known to be $3,000, the value of x that corresponds to the critical value is approximately $14,993.50. A) True B) False 2 7) A statement in the newspaper attributed to the leader of a local union stated that the average hourly wage for union members in the region is $13.35. He indicated that this number came from a survey of union members. If an estimate was developed with 95 percent confidence, we can safely conclude that this value is within 95 percent of the true population mean hourly wage. A) True B) False 8) The Varden Packaging Company has a contract to fill 50 gallon barrels with gasoline for use by the U.S. Army. The machine that Varden uses has an adjustable device that allows the average fill per barrel to be adjusted as desired. However, the actual distribution of fill volume from the machine is known to be normally distributed with a standard deviation equal to 0.5 gallons. The contract that Varden has with the military calls for no more than 2 percent of all barrels to contain less than 49.2 gallons of gasoline. In order to meet this requirement, Varden should set the mean fill to approximately 49.92 gallons. A) True B) False 9) A popular restaurant takes a random sample n = 25 customers and records how long each occupied a table. The found a sample mean of 1.2 hours and a sample standard deviation of 0.3 hours. Find the 95 percent confidence interval for the mean. A) 1.2 ? .118 B) 1.2 ? .124 C) 1.2 ? .588 D) 1.2 ? .609 10) A cell phone service provider has selected a random sample of 20 of its customers in an effort to estimate the mean number of minutes used per day. The results of the sample included a sample mean of 34.5 minutes and a sample standard deviation equal to 11.5 minutes. Based on this information, and using a 95 percent confidence level: A) the critical value is z = 1.96. B) the critical value is z = 1.645. C) the critical value is t = 2.093. D) The critical value can?t be determined without knowing the margin of error. 11) A company that makes and markets a device that is aimed at helping people quit smoking claims that at least 70 percent of the people who have used the product have quit smoking. To test this, a random sample of n = 100 product users was selected. The critical value for the hypothesis test using a significance level of 0.05 would be approximately -1.645. A) True B) False 3 12) Recently the State Fish and Game planted several thousand tagged fish in a local river. The mean length of these fish, which constitute a population, is 12.6 inches. Yesterday, fishermen caught 100 of these tagged fish. You could expect that the mean length for these fish would be 12.6 inches as well since they come from the population. A) True B) False 13) The police chief in a local city claims that the average speed for cars and trucks on a stretch of road near a school is at least 45 mph. If this claim is to be tested, the null and alternative hypotheses are: Ho : ? < 45 mph Ha : ? ? 45 mph A) True B) False 14) If a hypothesis test is conducted for a population mean, a null and alternative hypothesis of the form: : 100 : 100 ? ? ? ? HO H A will result in a one-tailed hypothesis test since the sample result can fall in only one tail. A) True B) False 15) In conducting a hypothesis test for the difference in two population means where the standard deviations are known and the null hypothesis is: o H : A ? - ? ? ? 0 What is the p-value assuming that the test statistic has been found to be z = 2.52? A) 0.0059 B) 0.9882 C) 0.0118 D) 0.4941


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