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TexMex Food Company is considering a new salsa w...




TexMex Food Company is considering a new salsa whose data are shown below. The equipment to be used would be depreciated by the straight-line method over its 3-year life and would have a zero salvage value, and no new working capital would be required. Revenues and other operating costs are expected to be constant over the project's 3-year life. However, this project would compete with other TexMex products and would reduce their pre-tax annual cash flows. What is the project's NPV? (Hint: Cash flows are constant in Years 1-3.) WACC 10.0% Pre-tax cash flow reduction for other products (cannibalization) -$5,000 Investment cost (depreciable basis) $80,000 Straight-line depr. rate 33.333% Sales revenues, each year for 3 years $73,500 Annual operating costs (excl. depr.) -$25,000 Tax rate 35.0%


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