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Againg I keep seeing the my question was answered...




Againg I keep seeing the my question was answered 2 hours 20 minutes 30 seconds later, next to the tutor, but I don't see the answer. I just keep geting a request to increase my deadline. Please disregard my other problems, if it is taking to much time to do, but I need the soloutions to this problem, urgent it is big part of my grade. I need the solution to this problem, please give me anything this is first time I use in hopes of getting some help, and I need it turned in today by the due time. The problem is below "Calculate the price of a six-month Americal call option on gold futures when the current futures prices is $260 per troy ounce, the strike price is $270, the risk-free is 8 percent per annum, and the volatility is 30 percent per annum. Using the bionomial tree aproach with a time interval of three months. "


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