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Good Afternoon, Sir Hope you are doing well . My...




Good Afternoon, Sir Hope you are doing well . My assignment is to choose 3 articles from what i will send you and you will challenge the authors or identify area of further reasearch. i will send you 8 articles . you should write 2 pages for each article . I circle the question in the attachment thanks,please check the file in the attachment first aricle,second article,third article,fourth aricle,fifth,sith article,seventh aricle,nigth aricle,please let me know about it as sson as possible , last time you were late until last mints ........ take your time and read it but please do not take along time to answer me it is really worth too much points ............ you just need to challenge the author . have nice day,Thank you Sir,Thank you ......... And please try to finish early so I can review it . and please keep on touch with me and let me know later which article did u choose have nice day,hey sir , hope u r doing well . please let me know when are you going to send me the answer have nice one


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