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Analyze the Board of Directors for Dairy Queen usi...




Analyze the Board of Directors for Dairy Queen using the questions from the Corporate Governance section (Part A) of the Guidelines for the Strategic Audit Report . A. Board of Directors 1. Who are the board members? What are their backgrounds? Where do they work, and what do they do? What qualifies them to be on the board? 2. Are they internal or external members? How long have they served on the board? 3. Do they own significant shares of stock? Are they paid in cash or stock options? 4. Does the company have an insider who controls a separate voting class of shares? 5. What do the board members contribute to the company in terms of knowledge, skills, background, and connections? If the company has international operations, do board members have international experience? 6. What is their level of involvement in strategic management? Do they merely rubber-stamp top management's proposals, or do they actively participate and suggest future directions?


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