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A short quiz for introductory financial accounting...




A short quiz for introductory financial accounting class. Please, see attached.,Hello, there is a mistake on question number 9. Here's an updated question for multiple choice question 9. Please have a look at it and re-work on it.,I have made some mistake on the deadline. This is due tomorrow by 8AM!!!!!!!!!!!! not 11PM!!!,could I please get response back in regards to getting this assignment back tomorrow morning or tonight? I've made a mistake on the deadline. i need to hear responses from you so that I know this assignment can be done on time. Please, write me anything.,Could you answer Question 9 that you haven't answered due to insufficient information? I have updated and provided a new attachment for question 9. But I will re-post under here. A company reported net income of $6 million. During the year the average number of common shares outstanding was 3 million. The price of a share of common stock at the end of the year was $5. There were 400,000 shares of preferred stock outstanding on average and no dividends were declared and the preferred stock is noncumulative. 9. The EPS is approximately: A. $0.40 B. $1.76. C. $1.86. D. $2.00. Thank you,Hello, Could you please give me your multiple choice calculations? Also, if the multiple choice is a wording question, please give me the reason how you derive to that answer. I like how you gave me the answers for multiple choice, but I need to know how you get these answers too. Thank you.


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