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1. Cost of Preferred. Bosio Inc.'s perpetual prefe...




1. Cost of Preferred. Bosio Inc.'s perpetual preferred stock sells for $97.50 per share, and it pays an $8.50 annual dividend. If the company were to sell a new preferred issue, it would incur a flotation cost of 4.00% of the price paid by investors. What is the company's cost of preferred stock for use in calculating the WACC? a. 8.72% b. 9.08% c. 9.44% d. 9.82% e. 10.22% 2. Cost of RE: DCF. Assume that you are a consultant to Broske Inc., and you have been provided with the following data: D1 = $0.67; P0 = $27.50; and g = 8.00% (constant). What is the cost of equity from retained earnings based on the DCF approach? a. 9.42% b. 9.91% c. 10.44% d. 10.96% e. 11.51% 3. Cost of Debt. To help finance a major expansion, Castro Chemical Company sold a noncallable bond several years ago that now has 20 years to maturity. This bond has a 9.25% annual coupon, paid semiannually, sells at a price of $1,075, and has a par value of $1,000. If the firm's tax rate is 40%, what is the component cost of debt for use in the WACC calculation? a. 4.35% b. 4.58% c. 4.83% d. 5.08% e. 5.33% 4. WACC. You were hired as a consultant to Giambono Company, whose target capital structure is 40% debt, 15% preferred, and 45% common equity. The after-tax cost of debt is 6.00%, the cost of preferred is 7.50%, and the cost of retained earnings is 12.75%. The firm will not be issuing any new stock. What is its WACC? a. 8.98% b. 9.26% c. 9.54% d. 9.83% e. 10.12% 5. WACC. Sorensen Systems Inc. is expected to pay a $2.50 dividend at year end (D1 = $2.50), the dividend is expected to grow at a constant rate of 5.50% a year, and the common stock currently sells for $52.50 a share. The before-tax cost of debt is 7.50%, and the tax rate is 40%. The target capital structure consists of 45% debt and 55% common equity. What is the company?s WACC if all the equity used is from retained earnings? a. 7.07% b. 7.36% c. 7.67% d. 7.98% e. 8.29%


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