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Based on the attachment: Write a 2?4 page pap...




Based on the attachment: Write a 2?4 page paper (double-spaced) that addresses the listed questions Use citations and references for additional sources Questions 1. Should the Board of Lufthansa retain Heinz Ruhnau as chairman? Should Ruhnau justify his actions? 2. Do you think Heinz Ruhnau's hedging strategy made sense? ? In order to evaluate the hedging strategy, show the results for all the hedging alternatives ? uncovered, full forward cover, partial forward cover, currency option, and money market hedge. Show calculations in the appendix 3. To what degree did he limit the upside and downside exposure of the transaction by hedging one half of it? Do you agree with his critics that he was speculating? 4. Is it fair to judge transaction exposure management effectiveness with 20/20 hindsight?


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