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RESEARCH PAPER REQUIREMENTS You will complete a literature review on a related topic of interest to you. The project should be 5 pages long, excluding the cover page and reference page(s). The primary intent of this project is to allow you the opportunity to explore an area (related to this course) that is of particular interest to you. The secondary intent of this project is to give you the experience of researching, summarizing, synthesizing, and condensing information related to a clearly defined problem or topic. The project must have prior approval by the instructor before you begin. ? The project should be written in accordance with the 3rd.or 5th edition of the American Psychological Association (APA) Publication Manual. ? The Project should be written in Times New Roman 12 Font. ? You must have a minimum of six (6) references. ? Anonymous references will not be accepted. ? At least one of the references must be Web sites (the quality of which you can defend). ? The remaining five (5) at least two (2) must be from refereed journals. ? Research subject may be chosen directly from the following listing or from the text. List of some topics from our Finance class (you may suggest others ? this is not a complete list) Capital Budgeting Stock Valuation Bond Valuation The efficient market hypothesis Behavioral finance (Santa Claus effect, Dogs of the DOW, Superbowl effect) The CAPM Options Beta and Risk CEF and/or ETFs ? Closed end funds and / or Exchange traded funds Mutual funds,What is the status of this request?,i would like to change the deadline until 3/30/12 7am? can this be done?,Is this an original paper or one that was used before?


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