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1) Schwert Corp. shows the following information o...




1) Schwert Corp. shows the following information on its 2010 income statement: sales= $193,000; costs = $96,500; other expenses = $5,100; depreciation expenses = $13,800; interest expenses = $10,400; taxes = $23,520; dividends = $12,500. In addition, you?re told that the firm issued $6,000 in new equity during 2010 and redeemed $7,500 in outstanding long term-debt. A. What was the 2010 operating cash flow? B. What was the 2010 cash flow to creditors? C. What was the 2010 cash flow to stockholders? D. If net fixed assets increased by $28,000 during the year, what was the addition to NWC? 2)Sexton Corp. has current liabilites of $325,000, a quick ratio of .85%, inventory turnover of 9.5 and a current ratio of 1.25. What is the cost of goods sold? 3) The Optical Scam Company has forecast an 18% sales growth rate for next year. The current financials are below. Current assets , fixed assets and short-term debt are proportional to sales. +Income Statement Sales $37,000,000 Costs $28,900,000 Taxable Income $8,100,000 Taxes $2,835,000 Net Income $5,265,000 Dividends $1,579,500 Add. To Retained Earnings $3,685,500 +Assets Currents Assets $10,500,000 Fixed Assets $30,000,00 Total Assets$40,500,000 +Liabilities Short Term Debt $6,500,000 Long Term Debt $7,000,000 Common Stock $3,000,000 Accumulated Retained Earnings $24,000,000 Total Equity $27,000,000 Total Liab. & Equity $40,500,000 (A) Calculate external funds for next year. Using equation (B) Construct the firm?s pro forma balance sheet for next year and confirm the external funds needed you calculated in part (a). (C) Calculate the substantial growth rate for the company. (D) Can optical scam eliminate the need for external funds by changing its dividend policy? 4) A company has net income of $187,000, a profit margin of 6.5% and an accounts receivable balance of $145,900. Assuming 80% of sales are on credit, what is the company?s days? sales in receivables? ****Please show steps as I am completely confused on how to do these. I have been trying for hours but cannot get the correct answer that matches my book. These are questions that my professor said will have SIMILAR ones on later tests so I want to make sure I can do them when a test does come around. Thanks for all the help!,I had a question but didnt want to seem like I am rushing you. I was just wondering if you had a timeline of when you might possibly be done? Thanks and just wanted to know. I had some other similar problems to those and would try them after I got these ones back. Thanks again. I appreciate the help. Jake H,so tomorrow?,Thanks! Doe it pay you already or what? Just want to make sure I dont make a mistake. Thanks again.


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