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1) Consider the strategic management principle of...




1) Consider the strategic management principle of integrative thinking and determine whether this leadership skill is most relevant for planning a new product launch OR planning to address a product recall responsible for consumer deaths. Explain the principle, and defend your position in favor of one or the other. 2) Review the leadership strategies to overcome barriers to change, and evaluate the Ford/Firestone product safety dilemma ?are there any strategic change management lessons relevant today? Explain. 3) Browse the internet and search the history of the Vioxx recall. Would the outcome for Vioxx (as a product) and for its manufacturer (Merck) been differently had Merck been a learning organization? Defend your conclusion in strategic terms. 4) Define product innovation, process innovation, and radical innovation. 5) Given your preferred leadership style, which innovation type do you believe your style is most favorable for strategic success? Explain why. 6) Which innovation type do you believe is most likely outside your comfort zone? Explain why. 7) Consider the Innovators DNA profile; are there any traits you can use to close this innovation skill gap? Explain which one and why. 8) Pick any topic or concept that you did not know about strategic management six weeks ago and how do these elements broaden your appreciation for strategic management?


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