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My question has been attached. I initially submitt...




My question has been attached. I initially submitted it and the tutor asked that i resubmit with an increased deposit. I am resubmitting. I was unable to get to a computer yesterday due to bad weather in my state so i am just answering back. I hope that Rachel or Andrea can assist me. Please respond back asap to let me know if you can accept the assignment so that if not i can make other arrangments. I also need to know the topic chosen so that I can complete additional research. I will do all the necessary formatting I just need to questions answered and it needs to be 8 pages.,Hi Rachael, Thank you for accepting my assignment. I will be checking in with you over the weekend on my assignment. Also if you have any questions or need clarification please do not hesitate to contact me. If you will please let me know which topic you chose, so that I can do my part as well. Thank you, Anica,Hi Rachel, I was just checking with you to see how much longer it would be before you are finished with the assignment i submitted. I had requested a deadline of 12 noon.


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