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There is not a need to answer question 1. It was...




There is not a need to answer question 1. It was added to give you the information that goes with the other questions. The label is from a Conair 1875 watt hair dryer. 1. Describe the item in detail such as the Instruction manual for any household appliance, a Honolulu Advertiser advertisement by Pfizer Incorporated about the anti inflammatory Celebrex, or the warning label on a hairdryer made by Conair. 2. Argue whether or not the writer and company included legal considerations when writing. For example, does the document appear to respect copy write law? Why or why not? Or, if it?s a product tag or label, evaluate it for safety, warranties, adequacy of instructions, defects, and liability. Analyze it for FTC and state standards. 3. Did the company break trademark, contract, or liability law? How? 4. Now, think as though you are a lawyer and examine every potential legal part of the document or tag. Do you believe changes should be made? Include your suggestions and/or ideas. In other words, be creative and think of ways people could hurt themselves or otherwise find the company at fault for injuries caused by the product and its use or misuse.,About one paragraph per question. Question 1 does not need to be answered. Question 3 can probably be shorter than the other two. Hope this is enough information. The attachment is the label that is the source for the questions.,On answer B, "Did the company break trademark, contract, or liability law? How?" The answer didn't address this. Could you please add something for this question?


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