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Please follow instructions to the letter. I need...




Please follow instructions to the letter. I need to make a final review of this work as soon as possible. See attached file. Is due tonight before 11:00 PM Week 4 Assignment 3.1 Submission Below in the parenthesis, gives you the ideas to make this even better. Follow writing principles of unity, coherence, and emphasis. Keep paragraphs short. Use concrete nouns and active verbs. Use specific language. Consider using bulleted lists to present information clearly. Refer to Figures 8-9 and 8-10 for sample letters. (I do not see this letter addressed to anyone, no ending with anyone's name. Since this is persasive letter, using color is also important but also getting to the main points (using bullets) concisely is important for sales. Also, use a company logo and post how the person can take advantage of an offer. ) The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:Use writing process strategies to develop brief business documents, such as routine messages, bad news messages, and persuasive/sales messages.


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