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Fujiyama Electronics Case Study - Due Week 7 Objective | Project Deliverables | Grading Rubrics | Best Practices Objective This case study looks at the behavior of a circuit board process though the use of Control Charts. At least two Control Charts will need to be constructed, and from them you will asked to provide an assessment of you see. A template to facilitate the construction of the Control Charts has been provided. Problem Statement Fujiyama Electronics, Inc. has had difficulties with circuit boards purchased from an outside supplier. Unacceptable variability occurs between two drilled holes that are supposed to be ? apart on the circuit boards. 25 samples of 3 boards each were taken from shipments from the supplier as shown in the data from the worksheet. Data in the work sheet below can also be accessed here. Fujiyama Electronics Observations Sample 1 2 3 1 414 388 402 2 408 382 406 3 396 402 392 4 390 398 362 5 398 442 436 6 400 400 414 7 444 390 410 8 360 372 362 9 376 398 382 10 342 400 402 11 400 402 384 12 408 414 388 13 382 430 400 14 402 409 400 15 399 424 413 16 460 375 445 17 404 420 437 18 375 380 410 19 391 392 414 20 394 399 380 21 396 416 400 22 370 411 403 23 481 450 451 24 398 398 415 25 428 406 390 Project Deliverables The student will submit the completed case study in word document paper by the end of class week 7 to their Dropbox. The paper is worth 50 points. The student will complete and/or answer the following questions. 1. Calculate X-Bar-Bar, R-Bar, and associated control limits using the data in the table above. 2. Create X-BarR (Average & Range) Control Charts from the data in table above. 3. Discuss notable out-of-control conditions displayed in the completed X-BarR (Average & Range) Control Charts. Only consider points outside the Control Limits. Do not consider runs, set of points within certain zones, etc. 4. If the conditions you note could be defined as assignable conditions and they are removed from the process, what will happen to the X-BarR Control Chart? (a) Remove the data related to the out-of-control points you observed from the origainal data and recalculate a new X-Bar-Bar, R-Bar, and associated control limits. (b) Create new X-BarR (Average & Range) Control Charts from your updated data. 5. Discuss how the two sets of Control Charts are different. What has changed? The format of the case study should conform to the Publication Manual for the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th edition, for title page & text. Citations and references are not required. A basic APA tutorial can be found in Webliography and paper template can be found in Doc Sharing. The completed case study will be submitted to your Dropbox as a MS-Word document. All graphics and charts will be a part of the Word document and submitted as a file. Documents authored in other applications such as WordPerfect or MS-Works will not be accepted. Grading Rubrics First Control Chart (40 Percent) Points Possible Points Earned Comments All calculations are correct. 5 X-Bar & R charts are presented and correct. 5 All conditions of importance discussed. 10 Total 20 Second Control Chart (40 Percent) Points Possible Points Earned Comments All calculations are correct. 5 X-Bar & R charts are presented and correct. 5 Differences between the two sets of Control Charts are thoroughly discussed. 10 Total 20 Mechanics (20 Percent) Points Possible Points Earned Comments: The paper, including the title page follow APA guidelines for format. (References and citations not required) 2 Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. 2 The paper is laid out with effective use of headings, font styles, and white space. 2 Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed. 2 Spelling is correct. 2 Total 10 Total (100 Percent) Points Possible Points Earned Comments: 50 Below is a excel template were i have graphed the problem and example of a case.,did you receive the 2 attachment that were included,i just attached it did yo get it,i keep attaching it but i don't think it being attach (if that makes any scene),Fujiyama+Electronics+Case+Study.docx is an example as you can see it has 30 observations and 30 samples my problem has 25 observations and 25 sample and the info is in the xchart/rchart doc.,i mean that doc has 30 observations and 4 samples my problem has 25 observation and 3 sample just so you dont get confussed,and if can finish it earlier than that time i can offer a bonus,if you can,Enter your follow up question here...,your answer seam diff from this emaple,Enter your follow up question here...,i made a mistake on the info i provided in sample #8 it was actually 430 372 362 thats why it was not making sense since i known sample # 8 needs to be taken out ass well sorry about the mistake is there any why you can make the adjustment please,i will offer a bigger bonus if you can have it done by 7:30 AM west coast time if not then tell me what time can it be fixed by,thank you so much,take very much the work was great. sorry for the all the confusions.


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