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"Please complete this for me. I am extended the ti...




"Please complete this for me. I am extended the time to 24+. I need completion this time. I am counting on you. I am a new memeber to Course Hero and so far my experience has not been anything positive. "I have attached the readings so that the question below may be answered. I would really appreciate it if you could get thid back to me before the assigned due date/time. Will I need to make any changes before turning in to the instructor or worry about plagarism? Please help me out. It would be so awsome of you.. Thank you. Ensure that you repeat the case question in full and verbatim on the title page of your submission. Excluding your title and reference pages, your paper should be no more than three pages long. Place any detailed calculations in an appendix, (not counted in the page limit), after the references. Please submit your case for grading by the end of this module. CASE EXPECTATIONS It is expected that you will use information from the background readings as well as the case articles and any good quality sources you can find. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of the paper. The following will be assessed in particular: ? Your demonstrated understanding of the marketing concepts central to the case question. ? Your demonstrated understanding of factors related to the development of an effective pricing strategy through the analysis you conduct in the context of the case. The criteria used for assessment will be those explained on the MOD01 Home page, namely: ? Focus. ? Breadth. ? Depth. ? Critical thinking. ? Effective and appropriate communication skills. Write a 2-3 page paper in which you answer the following case question: Amazon's Kindle 2.0 was priced at $359 and delivery started in February 2009. The price was dropped to $300 in July after a newer model with a larger screen, the Kindle DX, was launched, priced at over $400. In January 2010 Apple announced the launch of the iPad, the lowest priced version of which was to sell for $499. Assume that you are in charge of the pricing of the Kindle models. Explain what methods are open to you to price your products and the factors that you should take into account in deciding on these prices. Then assume that you are responsible for deciding the future pricing of Kindle models over the next year. What prices are being charged now and what would you recommend Amazon charge? Why?


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