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Blueprint for Personal & Professional Growth (BPPG) Definition of BPPG The adult learner and the business professional in the 21st century must learn to self-manage, self-monitor, and self-motivate to meet the multiple demands in his/her personal and professional life. The Blueprint for Personal & Professional Growth (BPPG) is designed to help you establish a habit or process of setting goals, analyzing and reflecting on benchmarks, and addressing strengths and challenges. The BPPG (initiated in the first course of the MBA and addressed in each subsequent core course) encourages you to consider, reflect, address, and develop successful skills and dispositions. The BPPG will culminate in the Capstone as you incorporate reflections from each core course of MBA program. The BPPG is designed to guide you in the development of skills and dispositions that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals. The BPPG in MMBA 6520 has these components: 1) Part I, Personal and Professional Ethics, due in Week 3. Consider your own personal business ethics in light of the kinds of corruption and ethical malfeasance made possible by the technological age. Describe the ways in which you can either improve your own business ethics or help to impact the ethics of those who surround you (Weeks 1-3). 2) Part II, Yourself in the Global Economy, due in Week 5. Reflect upon and analyze how you see yourself in the context of the global economy. Explain your ideas for self-improvement based on your readings about other cultures and the ways that business is conducted internationally (Weeks 4-5). 3) Part III, Teaming and Interpersonal Relationships, due in Week 8. Based on the group activity in which you participated in this course, what new self-knowledge have you acquired regarding how you function in a team environment? Think about intersections between your group interactions and the mindset of intimacy and generosity that you have already been establishing. How might you create more intimate, generous relationships spanning a global, virtual workspace (Weeks 6-8)? Your reflection or introspection in your BPPG should be personal, purposeful, and intentional so that you can assess your current skills, abilities, and dispositions then determine how you will continue to develop, hone, or strengthen specific skills or dispositions. Objectives for the BPPG 1. The student reads, researches, and incorporates Learning Resources (sources beyond personal anecdotes) in response to reflection questions. 2. The student demonstrates the critical thinking skills of comparing/contrasting, analyzing, and inquiry during reflection. 3. The student explores and examines his/her own individual values and belief system during the reflective activity. 4. The student identifies patterns or connections between theory and practice. 5. The student focuses on thoughts based on past and current learning, and describes how the learning or course content has or may affect future paths.


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