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Describe a company in detail. This can be the com...




Describe a company in detail. This can be the company you work for or any other company. Your choice. (If you chose a non-profit, treat it as a for-profit.) Detail what this company does ? how does it make its profits? What is its marketplace and competitors? Where is this organization going in the future? What issues might it be currently facing? List 4 strategic objectives of this company. (These will be used for Unit 5.) Include a Reference page for all sources used A minimum of 3 sources is required Sources ? there are multiple sources you can go to find the necessary information Company documents such as an Annual Report, news releases Interview supervisory level employees Financial Analysts reports Business Journals WSJ Note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source, nor blogs Document Requirements A minimum of 3 pages, double spaced, not including the Reference page Maximum of 12 pt. font Use paragraphs to break up thoughts and use bulleted lists where appropriate for easy of reading Each strategy must be a bullet point and called out, specifically, as one of the 4 required strategies. Don?t make the reader work to figure out what is a strategy Do not write in the first person


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