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BALANCED SCORE CARD: This is the 1st of 5 questio...




BALANCED SCORE CARD: This is the 1st of 5 questions I have. If you accept this question and answer satisfactorily, I will direct 4 more separate questions to you with due dates over the next 7 weeks. I will offer $30 for each and provide a $10 bonus if provided with good reference and the links to those references. Since this 1st question has a short suspense I am going to offer $40 plus a $10 bonus. The Project will take the form of putting together background from each of the perspectives for a balanced scorecard approach to an organization or organizational unit with which you are familiar. First, you need to identify an organization to which you have access to at least some information concerning financial data; staffing and human resource systems; marketing and customer relations; information systems; and operations. In 2-3 pages in APA format: ? The name of your organization ? What this organization does ? its mission, vision and overall strategy ? The access you have to information about this organization -- remember, you?ll need information about its financial performance, marketing, internal operations, strategy, and management systems. For the second part of this assignment, consider the organization's mission and strategy from the perspective of its financial operations (from your work on the case, your previous course work, and your background reading, you should be reasonably clear what such operations are). In this section of the assignment you?ll begin to identify objectives and measures relevant to that perspective. ? Identify at least three objectives for improving the organization's financial position, and show how they relate to the mission, vision and strategy of the organization. ? For each objective, develop at least one meaningful performance measure (metric). ? For each objective, identify at least one expected level of performance (target). ? For each objective, identify at least one new action or program that needs to be developed to ensure successful implementation of the organization's strategy (initiative). See attached document for background information and references to help answer this question.


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