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"Alaska Coffee Company (ACC) confronts operational...




"Alaska Coffee Company (ACC) confronts operational issues and a major competitor's entry into its home market. The company's key leaders are in need of strategic management advice to handle the increased complexities of a growing enterprise. As a member of the company?s strategy team, you have been tasked with analyzing some of ACC's strategic challenges and preparing a report for the company?s top management and board of directors. Your report should include the following information. 1. Leadership - Identify leadership issues requiring Powell's attention during the strategic management process. 2. External Environmental Analysis - Identify at least two each general, industry and competitor forces with immediate strategic implications for ACC. For each one specifically, list: what the force is, why it is significant and what ACC may do to react to the particular force. 3. Industry Analysis - Use Porter?s Five Forces model to analyze the characteristics of ACC?s industry environment.


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