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I need this ASAP!!!!Please help.




I need this ASAP!!!!Please help.,I really need the assignment now...if you cannot do the assignment I will pay you $150 for the answers to 17, 23 and 24...3 questions...can you get these within the next 30 mins - 1hr? I really only need these 3.,Understand please, that I need this within the hour...thank you.,I have 42 minutes left to submit...please can you get them to me within 30 minutes...they are the only 3 I have left to figure out....thank you,Michael, you truly are wonderful...I am stuck on 14 and 15 and that is it...I will submit my test can you look at those real quick...if not that is ok too....a deal is a a deal and you gave me my 3 answrs.,did you get my last question?,Thank you Michael,I will have to turn in the assignment in 30 minutes or less now...please look at 14, 15, I will go with my answers for the other questions...thank you for all you do.,Thank you Michael.,Thank you Michael, very much.,I look forward to the remaining document to see how close I am to your answers..and thanks for helping me knock out those 5 answers, you are very appreciated.,Thank you very Michael, please have a good night.,your answers gave me a 48 out 100...I dont understand.,Michael, don't worry about it. You more than facilitated my request (you gave me my three questions within 30 minutes). Thank you for your mentorship and I feel confident in using your knowledge again.


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