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Ok I understand. I'm making the payment now




Ok I understand. I'm making the payment now,I hope you can have it before that time,Is this all?? I'm not really satisfied with your solution,Are you sure this answer was meant for me for my project?? I dont get understand and what I asked is not cover can you explain please. I even sent you a sample so you can have something to compare,Hi, I have requested a review and clarification of the answer. the deadline of my project has passed already and I need an clarification. Please get back to me asap because I need to finish my project Thank you,Did you waited almost a week to ask me that, please I have no time. I need this asap. Is data with. some written part also. i sent it to you more that a week ago the structure of what i was asking you to do. Just I want you to be honest with me and tell me if you are gonna be able to help me. You said yes that's why i paid $ 70 * Request initial start-up capital of at least $200,000 in addition to the team's investment of $100,000 (Can be increased up to $600,000 with instructor approval.) Realistically value the firm using one or more appropriate methods. Key Concepts: * Create projected values for a business over a term of five years * Utilize appropriate methods to provide a future value of a business for investor utilization Please follow this structure Financial Plan Overview Sales Forecast Income Statement Projected Profit and Loss Table: Profit and Loss for Years One Through Five Ocasions GROUP Projected Proforma Projected Cash Flow Table: Five Year Cash Flow Projected Balance Sheet Industry Norms Required Investment Table: Startup Costs Company Valuation Investor Exit Plan Appendix A Appendix B - Tables Table I: General Assumptions Table II: Terminal Value ? Gordon Model Table III: Five Year Profit and Loss Statement Table III: Five Year Profit and Loss Statement Table IV: Staffing Budget Chart 1: Net Sales Year for 5 Years Chart 2: 4th Quarter Profit and Loss for Year 1 Chart 3: 4th Quarter Profit and Loss for 5 years Chart 4: Year 1 Monthly Marketing Expenses Chart 5: Sales by Segment Chart 6: Annual Sales Forecast by Services Chart 7: Annual Market Forecast Chart 8: Year 1 Monthly Sales by Region Chart 9: Working Capital and Return on Investments Appendix E ? Electronic Financial Worksheets" ",Rachel, I have attached My Business Plan, please review it, specially the Financial Plan,all the numbers are there already what I would like you to do is review if the number are accurate with the information I have. Everything is there already so you don't have to work that much :). Just please review them for me and make sure everything is fine. You know Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Expenses, Profit and Loss, Break Even Analysis, Business Ratios. And if maybe I have to change the wordy in the Financial Plan, please just do it.,PLEASE I NEED THIS BY NOON TOMORROW THANKS,This is the document I attached for you, can you please explain me if you did any comments and modifications and where?? And also I think the data and the Projected Balance Sheet is not correct, could you please review that Thank you, Elizabeth


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