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Case Study #3: Feed R&D ? or Farm it out? Each stu...




Case Study #3: Feed R&D ? or Farm it out? Each student is to submit an extended analysis of this case by Nitin Nohria et al. HBR JulAug 2005. The paper, 12-15 pages, APA format Please label in Bold bullet point listed below before each section to make it easy to follow the flow of the paper and to help you stay on task to be sure what you are writing is actually answering the question asked. The case study is attached. Please, please read this along with the 11 step model needed to answer the case study. Do not use any other resources other than the two referenced. It is critical that you use the case study to write the paper and the 11 step model. If you have ANY questions upon reviewing the requirements of the paper PLEASE ask me. I will check back in to see how it is progressing and if you need further clarification around anything. Thanks in advance for your time. Look forward to working with you! 1.Review the strategic issues presented in the case and analyze the case using the 11 step model found in your text. Some items may be limited in detail. 2.Discuss the key issues management needs to consider in deciding whether to support an in-house R&D function or outsource all Research & Development. 3.Discuss the implications of outsourcing R&D for middle managers. 4.Make your recommendations to the management team along with your supporting statements


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