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Discussion - You Are the Customer (Sales Management Course) When buying something, most of us don?t particularly analyze the sales person in terms of their selling expertise. Well, now is your chance! Consider the last major purchase or purchases you made?a house, automobile, furniture, etc.?and review the sales process. Discuss with us the approach of the sales person, the selling process they used, and their pre- and post-sale conduct. Be sure to respond to the following questions in your post: How effective were they in convincing you to make the purchase? Identify both the positive and negative aspects of their approach and how it affected your decision to buy or not to buy. Did the sales person contact you? Or, did you go to their place of business? Would you make another purchase from this person? Why or why not? Respond This discussion is intended to help you further explore and think critically about the information you are reading and viewing. You are expected to be an active participant inthe discussion, and meet the minimum criteria of one substantive initial posting and three thoughtful, well-supported responses. Please Note: Each discussion response must have a minimum of 125 words, be spell-checked, well-written and cite references in support of arguments.


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