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This is the second part to the critical thinking p...




This is the second part to the critical thinking paper that you just wrote for me. I need this to be completed by next week, the attached instructions are attached. Please read the instructions on pages 2 and three, starting where it says Instructions for Critical Analysis (part 2) Below is a summary of what is expected to be in the paper. (Remember it must be as instructed on the attachment I sent you) Part 2 ? Critical thinking Analysis Write a three page critical analysis of the article which ? Examines the Author?s point of view and motives ? Challenges the authors view (taking the opposing point of view) ? Reaches a conclusion of your own,Rachel P. Here is the second part to the assignment. Take your time, but please let me know what else you require. Attached is the initial paper you sent me, so there is no confusion on what topic I need completed.,You where the one that wrote that summary and picked the case file, remember. This is the second part of the assigment. You should have the case study. You wrote the summary paper.,What is the QID, and where do I locate it?,"The QID sould be 7430098 let me know if it's not it",try this QID 7430248,7430248, has to be it... I had 2 QID on the same day. I think I just confused the numbers.,You wrote the paper, I gave you both of the QID that I had from last week. Use them, and figure out where you got the summary from. I don't know, you Rachel P did it. Not me so I don't have the article. I will re send both QID that I had from last weekend. Please let me know ASAP, one of these needs to be it QID 7430248 or QID 7430098,Any updates on this paper? will you be able to finish it by its deadline?


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