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Individual i ame employed in an insurance industry Communications Journal Entry 2 ? Nonverbal Communications in the Workplace Write a 700- to 1,050-word journal entry in narrative style describing the role of nonverbal communications in your workplace. Refer to this week?s readings to inform your responses. Describe three situations involving nonverbal communication that you observed or experienced between a manager and subordinate. Detail the following for each situation: ? The setting, such as a conversation, presentation, or meeting. Describe the relationship between the participants, such as the boss and subordinate, peers, speaker, and audience. ? The nonverbal communications you observed and whether they were congruent with the verbal conversation. Where incongruence occurred, how might the participants have provided effective feedback to prevent the situation from recurring? ? The function or functions of the non-verbal communication such as complementing, accenting, contradicting, repeating, regulating, or substituting. How did your non-verbal communication examples fulfill these functions? ? How unconventional language or word choice might have hindered the situations observed. Consider ?shoptalk? and denotative versus connotative meanings. ? At least one listening technique the manager used. Was this an appropriate technique for this situation? Why or why not? What other effective listening techniques would you recommend for the manager in this situation? Format your journal entry consistent with APA guidelines.


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