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"Ergonomic Requirements" - Please search the web....




"Ergonomic Requirements" - Please search the web. You may want to look at the AFL-CIO and U.S. Chamber of Commerce sites for information on OSHA and ergonomic requirements. Ergonomics is the science that deals with the correct design of equipment, including desks, chairs, and workstations for the purpose of minimizing the chances of employee injuries. Here are the questions to answer below do not make this complicated for yourself at all they don't need to be long make them short answer them 100 words or less or better yet 75 words or less it is not an essay for each question I repeat it is not an essay it is just for a discussion class board. so don't make it complicated. pleas don't make it complicated. please answer under the question keeping the actual question on the page. Please thank you. 1. Why have OSHA's ergonomic requirements been a source of controversy? 2. What position do you think OSHA should take on ergonomics? 3. Where do you see the future of ergonomics in the workplace in the context of employment law? 4. here we will explore a hotly debated issue that many employees face in today's workplace. Are OSHA's laws sufficient to protect workers from workplace injuries caused by improper ergonomics?


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