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Topic proposal and reference list:Ethnic Relations...




Topic proposal and reference list:Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism class Description: In one to two paragraphs, submit the topic proposal by answering the following questions: In your thinking/reflection on cultural diversity in your community, what topic did you feel was the most important to focus on? Why? How will you benefit by researching this topic? How will your community benefit? Explain. The purpose of the final project is to research multiculturalism and cultural diversity in your own community. This objective will be accomplished through self-reflection, interviews, and library research. The project consists of four graded components: : Topic Proposal (10 points), Reference List (15 points) This week i would need first the topic proposal and the reference list. For your final project, at least three peer-reviewed articles must be used. Provide a reference list of at least three peer reviewed articles cited in APA format. Also, in one to two paragraphs, explain why the sources selected are beneficial to use for this project. Thanks,


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