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Read the following article: (Article is Attached)...




Read the following article: (Article is Attached) Burr, A. M. (2001). Ethics in Negotiation: Does Getting To Yes Require Candor?. Dispute Resolution Journal, 56(2), 8-15. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. IN 100 ? 150 words answer the following questions: What are the main points of this article? Do you agree with the author? Why or why not?,This is only a 100-150 word response. Please note I have attached the article, by PDF to the original question. I have tried over and over to find the main points, and I am having some difficulty. Even if you can just tell me what the main points are it would help. I can write the rest.,Thanks How long does it take in the evaluation stage? If needed it can be past 2pm tomorrow if need be.,PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS ASSIGNMENT> THANKS,Go ahead and send me what you have so far. Thanks


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