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Examine a firm that has been criticised in regard...




Examine a firm that has been criticised in regards to their management of human resources and critically asses the short coming of their approach and its impact of organisational performance. critically analyse how they could integrate a more strategic approach their human resources management and how they would benefit from the proposed recommendations. Guidelines..... .Thorough literature review must be be seen undertaken the support the stand by the student. .Discussion and debate on/ how importance of adapting the right strategic approach to managing human resources in consideration of the companies organisational strategy and in light of the external environment. .Havard style of references should be used. Please ensure that the assignment has. 1) A table of content. 2) A list of figures or list of tables where appropriate. 3) Introduction 300 words 4) Literature review 500 words. 5) Critical analysis 900 words. 6) Conclusion/ recommendation 300 words 7) References/ presentation 8) Bibliography


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