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the instructor required a final project report on...




the instructor required a final project report on the company "ABC Retail Company" that must have the following requirement "I have attached an example on how it almost should me done"? Thank you. CONTENT Does the report demonstrate audience awareness (i.e. does it meet your company's needs)? Is the report's purpose clearly stated and fulfilled? Is there an international component? Does the report make use of government reports? INTRODUCTION Is the report title accurate, descriptive, and honest? Is the research problem or the purpose of the study stated clearly and accurately? Is the scope of the study identified? Are all technical terms, or any terms used in a special way, defined? Are the procedures discussed in sufficient detail? Are any questionable decisions justified? FINDINGS Is the data analyzed completely, accurately, and appropriately? Is the analysis free of bias and misrepresentation? Is the data interpreted rather than just presented? Are all calculations correct? Are all relevant data included and all irrelevant data excluded? Are visual aids correct, needed, clear; appropriately sized, positioned, and labeled? SUMMARY, CONCLUSIONS, RECOMMENDATIONS Is the language used in the summary different from that used earlier to present the data? Are the conclusions drawn supported by ample, credible evidence? Do the conclusions answer the questions or issues raised in the introduction? Are the recommendations reasonable in light of the conclusions? Does the report end with a sense of completion? Does the conclusion convey an impression that the project is important? SUPPLEMENTARY PAGES Is the Executive Summary/Abstract short, descriptive, and in proportion to the report itself? Is the table of contents accurate with wording identical to report headings? Is the appended material properly labeled and referenced in the body? Is the reference list accurate, complete, and in appropriate format? WRITING STYLE AND FORMAT Does the report address the needs and desires of the reader? Is the material properly organized? Are the headings descriptive, parallel, and appropriate in number? Does each major section contain a preview, summary, and transition? Has proper verb tense been used throughout? Has an appropriate level of formality been used? Are all references to secondary sources documented? Is the length of the report appropriate? Is each paragraph fully developed? Is the report free from spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors? Does the overall report reflect care, neatness, and scholarship?


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