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I need 10 references for the Apple company that wi...




I need 10 references for the Apple company that will fit the criteria below, and 2-3 sentences on why. Develop an annotated bibliography of the sources you have read in preparation for your final course project. Each annotation should include the following: ? A brief description of the source ? A short summary of its primary points or arguments ? A brief explanation of how the source is relevant to your project The paper should be dedicated to a review of research on a strategic management topic from your textbook or classroom discussion. The rest of the paper should apply this topic to your current organization. Your paper should include the following: ? Focused and detailed research on one aspect of strategic management? ? Analysis of scholars? differing points of view or the evolution of scholarly thinking on the research topic? ? An introduction to your organization? ? An analysis applying the researched topic to your organization? ? Documented support for any recommendations or claims


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