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DEBATE ISSUE TAKE A STAND Is Google Violating U...




DEBATE ISSUE TAKE A STAND Is Google Violating Users? Privacy? With two billion Google searches a day, Google is the preferred search engine for many consumers. Much of its popularity is due to the superior services it offers. Although Google does not charge for its services, critics point out that Google?s services may actually be costing users their right to privacy. Google keeps all of its users? search queries forever, although after 18 months these queries become ? anonymized.? In other words, they cannot be traced back to the user. Google maintains that it uses these searches responsibly to refine its search engine. It also has privacy disclosures fully visible on its main page. On the other hand, the Third Party Doctrine and the Patriot Act allow the government access to users? Internet information without a judge?s oversight for national security purposes. Google has been subpoenaed in the past by investigators for user information. Even anonymized data have been used to track a specific person or computer. Google should not store users? data as this data can be misused or accessed by the government. Conduct research and defend your side of the debate ? be sure to cite your source(s).


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