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"Meeting Audience Needs: Necessary Information ? Late on a Friday afternoon, you learn that the facilities department is going to move you ? and your computer, your desk, and all your files ? to another office first thing Monday morning. However, you have an important client meeting scheduled in your office for Monday afternoon, and you need to finalize some contract details on Monday morning. You simply can't lose access to your office at this point, and you're more than a little annoyed that your boss didn't ask you before approving the move. He has already left for the day, but you know he usually checks his voice mail over the weekend, so you decide to leave a message, asking him to cancel the move or at least call you at home as soon as possible. Using the voice-mail guidelines listed in Table 2.5, plan your message (use an imaginary phone number as your contact number and make up any other details you need for the call). Submit a written script of the message: 1. Your job is to draft a voicemail that will get your boss to say "yes, I agree with you and I will call facilities." That means that the facts you use MUST be persuasive. Your assignment allows you to make up the persuasive facts. The fact that you have an important client meeting scheduled the afternoon after the move and that you need to finalize contract details is irrelevant. What makes your office so special that the move must be delayed? Is it specially designed? Is it set up in a way that 2. Keep the message short -- approximately 10 seconds. Make up the name of your boss. Use your name and a telephone number. State your number once in the beginning and repeat it at the end. 3. Remove "I language." This is any form of the word "I." While you may have to use "I" once, it should not begin a sentence. The general rule is: If you have to use "I," hide it in the middle of a sentence. However, in most cases, you can restructure a sentence and remove the word altogether. Based on the information, submit a written script of the message (no word limit)


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