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Most important all References and citiations have...




Most important all References and citiations have to be on this paper as it will be run through Turnitin for pelgraism. Case Sudy Analysis 4-6 pages double spaced APA format. 1. 5 clearly marked sections of your paper: 1) Firm's objectives, 2) Assessment of current situation, 3) Root causes, 4) Options, and 5) Selection of optimal 2.Each section must explicitly cover each of the items in the rubric using the rubric's terminology for label accuracy This case recounts an IT system implementation critical point. The same case rubric applies: Make sure to clearly specify the objective(s). The analysis section of this case is critical - determine root cause of each issue you find that affects the intended objective(s). Provide a set of alternative actions you feel address the issues and make sure to discuss their expected impacts. Finish with a recommendation derived logically from the alternatives you list. You may include external references to ground your analysis and recommendation and if you do make sure to cite appropriately.,Attached is the grade rubric for you to reference if need be.,I just reveiwed the completed document and have many concerns. 1. Grammer is horrible. 2. Sections of the paper are very confussing and seem like it was written by someone that does not speak good english. I am very disappointed with the quality of this paper.


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