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Read the Harvard Business Case Study for Infosys (...




Read the Harvard Business Case Study for Infosys (A): Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc., by Robert G. Eccles and David D. Lane (May, 2008). Prepare a case analysis on the topic of Interviewing , Selection and Hiring. The case analysis should be two to three pages long, double spaced. Check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. Citations should use APA style. Case Analysis Question: Why is Strategic Recruitment critical to the success of an organization in meeting its goals and mission? Your analysis of this case and your written submission should reflect an understanding of the critical issues of the case, integrate the material covered in the text and present concise and well reasoned justifications for the stance that you take.,I sent you a message did you receive it.,you wanted me to ellaborate and I sent you a message explaining the cause.,The first answer you submitted was on Infosys instead of Apple which was wrong and the second one you submitted was on Infosys which is right but it is a duplicate of the first submittion.,please go back on the first one and read the note. then you will see what I'm talking about.,6301623 should have been for apple and 6301617 should have been for Infosys which is right. My argument is if you go back on 6301623 you will see where I mention that it suppose to be for Apple not Infosys.,I sent you some notes already I'm not sure if you receive them that is why I'm using this section. 6301617 and 6301623 already close that is why I have to talk to you on this section about them.,It doesn't make sense for paying twice for the same solution.,6301617 should have been for apple but you did it for Infosys and 6301623 is for Infosys,6301623 and 6301617 are the same answers,both of the solutions belong to infosys,6301623 should be for apple and 6301617 should be for infosys,but you gave me the same answers for both,I gave you apple attachment,if one of them suppose to be on apple and the other suppose to be on Infosys how come you submitted the same answers for both.,yes, I have infosys not apple.,Thank you for your understanding,Good morning, I just want to chech to see where we are with the assignment. Regards, Student,Hello, I'm just checking to see where we are in the process. Please let me know. thanks students,Hello, Thank you for the work but I still haven't receive the refund from last week yet for the confusion that we had. Thanks student


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