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Dear Tutor, To answer the questions below please...




Dear Tutor, To answer the questions below please use resources only from Rangan, & Rajan, 2007 case analysis report. Please provide detail explanation and answer for each questions. 1. From Shakti case analysis, you suggest that HLL avoid a heavy dependence on the outsourcing of its human resources, and I was curious if you think this will improve profits enough to outweigh the cost savings of outsourcing. Please provide your reasons. 2. Also, while revenue, or ?turnover,? for HLL was increasing, its profits were decreasing due to operational costs increasing (according to HLL income statement). Do you think their Shakti initiative is sustainable? 3. Valuable recommendations. However, I do have a couple of questions. From your Key Issues section: Can you expand on what you mean by ?Making product offerings foreign to their intended targets.?? 4. In the Recommendations section, you state: I suggest that Shakti recognizes that cultural differences of rural India are vastly different than those representative of urban India, remove cultural references, and ensure products are more representative of the audience receiving their benefit when presented for sale (rural India would appreciate a simpler product). What cultural references are you referring to? 5. Levitt (1984) emphasizes the homogenization of preferences and states: ?Different cultural preferences, national tastes and standards, and business institutions are vestiges of the past? (p. 8). So, are the cultural differences between urban and rural India really a concern in promotions? It seems that HLL has repackaged products into smaller versions or sachets for the rural market. Do you think these repackaging addresses the concerns you state for cultural references?


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