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Dear Tutor, I was trying to respond it to you bu...




Dear Tutor, I was trying to respond it to you but you blocked the respond page and now you made me to pay to send you a respond. you did provide all the calculation but you forgot to answer question 6 (b) and 7 and you didnt provide all the answers according to the instruction. Everytime when I submitted the assignment there is always something that you are missing. I always provide clear instruction for you to provide the answer. It's not fair to pay for incomplete work. You forgot to answer question 6 (b) and 7. Now i'm submitting again for you to complete the questions correctly. You provide your calculation without using excel financial function cell. The calculation that you provided can be done in microsoft word but the assignment is to use excel. You did great the last assignment that you answered for second time. You have to re-do the assignment and res-submit. Please follow the instruction. Please see below teh instruction. Please see attachment for the questions. Submit all answers in a single Excel file. All calculations should be shown, step by step, done by using Excel, and all answers should be thoroughly explained. 1. Show all your calculations. 2. Use Excel in order to accomplish item 1 above. 3. Describe and justify each assumption you have made, 4. Explain, support and justify every statement you make. 5. Support your conclusions with evidence (such as facts and statistics from reliable sources, quotes from the readings, or a well-reasoned logical argument). Examples from your own experience are also helpful. Please bear in mind that analyses and conclusions are only as good as the data and assumptions that they are based on; So ALWAYS support all of your numbers or calculations with reasoning and explanations, and be sure to provide sources for all of your data. Please see attached file to answer all the requirment questions. Use excel worksheet to show the calculation. Answer is given for each question I shouldnt be charged for this assignment becuase it's incomplete. But I'm allowing to pay at least $10.,Okay. Thanks!!


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