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"Management 002 ? Organization and Management Theory" Parameters The Management Plan Term paper requires a minimum of 500 words (cumulative for all 4 parts). In all work use Arial type font, size 12. Be sure to use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Your paper will be assessed and graded according to the grading rubric shown at the end of paper assignment. Objective The objective of the Management Plan Term paper is to help determine if you have management potential and to focus on your efforts in obtaining the necessary education and skills to enter your particular field of management. The Management Plan Paper is organized into four (4) parts. Each part is designed to take you through a process to determine your management potential for a career in management: 1. Part-1 ? APTITUDE & SKILLS ASSESSMENT ? Discover and identify management skills and preferences. 2. Part-2 ? MANAGEMENT OPTIONS ? Determine management career path options and selection. 3. Part-3 ? EDUCATIONAL PREPARATION - Developing a plan for obtaining education required for selected management career path. 4. Part-4 ? TIMELINE - Developing a timeline related to obtaining educational goals and management career. PART ? 1 ?APTITUDE & SKILLS ASSESSMENT APTITUDE & SKILLS ASSESSMENT: In each section of the paper, you will determine the type of management jobs for which you have an aptitude or a personal preference. You will use the online links provided by the LAHC Student Services, Transfer and Career Center. These provide free services and will help you assess your management potential and begin to formulate a plan. Follow the steps, below, to get started: ? To get started, go to the LAHC home page located at the following link: ? Once at the LAHC home page, click on the STUDENT SERVICES link on the top left-hand side. ? Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Transfer Center link on the lower LEFT-hand side. ? Click on the CAREER CENTER link. ? Scroll down, again, and click on the Career Resources link. ? Now you should see the following web links: At Career Zone California you will be able to assess yourself, explore multiple careers and start planning out your career. ASSIST facilitates the transfer of California Community College students to California's public four-year universities by providing academic planning. You can search by majors. Inside carreer info At this site you will be able to get information on your career. What are the job duties, what are the worst and best parts of the job, getting the job and much more. EUREKA, is a paid program by LAHC to help you discover, pursue and plan out your long term career life process. The website is and the password is IBNVONN. ? Explore each of these links to see the type of information available to you on the web. ? After thoroughly exploring the resources available to you on links #2 & #4 compose an essay that responds to each of the questions, below. This is not a "list" assignment. Don?t forget, you are expected to submit a minimum of 500 words, organized in well-developed paragraphs. Required#1: Write a complete statement on your experiences using the links provided by the LAHC Student Services TRANSFER AND CAREER CENTER web links in regard to the options available to you for a management career: ? What did you find out by using the online resources? ? What insights, if any, were revealed to you? ? What did you like about using the online resources? ? What criticism do you have about the online resources? ? What management objectives have you set for yourself? When completed, submit all four parts in one word document ?


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