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"? Prepare a 4- to 7-slide PowerPoint? presentatio...




"? Prepare a 4- to 7-slide PowerPoint? presentation addressing the following: ? Identify (calculate and describe) the ROI and NPV of the wireless order-taking system. Discuss some of the intangibles Lisa needs to consider and make a recommendation as to whether Lisa should order such a system. ? Research some executive dashboard products, identify information that Lisa and Ruben would likely find useful presented in a dashboard, and how they would use the information. Make recommendations as to which product you would recommend for Club IT. ? Choose one of the technology project development methodologies described in the readings and explain how you would go about the systems analysis effort. Identify what information is needed for whom, when, and in what format. Additionally, consider what major stakeholders you would interview, and how you would proceed to gather information to make an informed decision. ? Provide a description of how you envision this project would proceed through the systems development life cycle?what would happen in each phase? ? Support your conclusions with at least 3 references outside of the course materials along with an additional APA formatted reference slide. Cite your references in the appropriate slides or slide notes using the APA author, date format. ? Include detailed speaker?s notes (using the speaker notes feature of PowerPoint), which would become the entire script of the oral presentation. ? Include an appropriate slide background and additional graphics to highlight major points. ? Format your slides with bullets and use no more than seven sentences per slide."


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