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Dear Tutor, I submit each questions separetly. If...




Dear Tutor, I submit each questions separetly. If you opened the attachment the first thing you will see instruction and resurce materials for you to use. Then you will find the first question at the bottom. I'm not sure why you asked me agin to re-submit the the question. Please read the attachment carefule. Now I decided to submit all the questions as one assignment. Please follow the instruction. Please see attachment!,I submitted the assignment at once for $20 and I changed the deadline too. Please read carefully the instruction and provide detail answers and include the all the references. Thanks,,Thanks a lot!!,Dear Tutor, I forgot to include the competencies for question b. it?s when you provide your answer please Do some online research; it's part of improving your attainment of information literacy, one of the following competencies (Decision making, Ethical leadership, Team building, communication, valuing diverse perspectives, problem solving, critical thinking, System thinking, Technology fluency) Please add this information when you answer question b. Sorry for the confusion that I created. Thanks a lot!!,Thanks!!,Dear Tutor, I'm still waiting your approval. Please let me know the status ASAP. I need to make a second plan B. you still didnt post any status update for this assignment. You need to let me know within the next to three hours. It's due tomorrow as you requested. I increased the price and I moved the deadline for tomorrow for you. You need to let me know. Thanks,,Dear Tutor, I'm trying to figure this out what is going on. Ive been waiting to get an update from you but you never respond. I submitted teh assignment yesturday and I requested a due date for tomorrow. Time is running out. Please let me know the status Immediatley. Please don't wait last minute to tell me your final decsion. Please respond this immediatley. Now, I'm worried about this matter. I have to submit the assignment by tomorrow night. I need to use this document to complete my other assignment and now its holding me. Thanks,


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