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Over the next few weeks you will work on building...




Over the next few weeks you will work on building a single POWERPOINT PRESENTATION using the Business Process Model. You will add to the presentation throughout the semester (although not necessarily each week) until you have a completed business process management presentation addressing one specific change or new process. Keep in mind that within PowerPoint presentations that each slide will contain no more than 6-8 main points and that the bulk of the presentation will occur within the ?notes? section for each slide. These are called ?speaker?s notes? and are used by the speaker of the presentation to explain, justify, and address each and every point on each slide. Thus a slide with 6-8 points will have, at a minimum 6-8 (or more) paragraphs detailing and supporting each main point. For Unit 1 we will prepare the foundation for our presentation by identifying a real world organization that would benefit from applying the business process management (BPM) model in the workplace. You may select the organization where you currently wor


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