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Mahaska Chemicals makes a patented fertilizer in i...




Mahaska Chemicals makes a patented fertilizer in its Naperville, Illinois plant. The production process begins by mixing all of the required materials. In a series of steps, the mixed slurry is converted to a finished fertilizer tat is bagged and sold. Mahaska incurs conversion costs uniformly throughou the process. Mahaska shut its plant down for major maintenance during November and began December with zero pounds of fertilizer in beginning inventory. Mahaska started 645,000 pounds of material into production in early December and had 95,000 pounds still in process on December 31. Mahaska estimates the ending work-in process (EWIP) inventory to be 20% complete with respect to conversion costs. (Because all materials are added at the start of the process, ending WIP is 100% complete with respect to materials). Finally, Mahaska spent $1,935,000 on materials and $1,024,200 on conversion costs during December. a. Compute quantity of fertilizer completed during Dec. b. Computer the number of equivalent units for pounds finished during Dec and fodr pounds still in process at the end of Dec, performing the exercise separately for materials and for conversion costs. c. computer the total costs to account for. d. determine the cost per equivalent pound for materials and for conversion costs. e. determine teh cost of fertilizer finished during Dec and the cost of the WIP inventory on Dec 31.


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