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Objective: In this Assignment students demonstrate...




Objective: In this Assignment students demonstrate mastery of the materials studied in this course by applying their knowledge to a specific organization and to themselves as an individual. Creativity and innovation are strongly encouraged! Approach: There are two parts to this assignment (1) Application to an Organization and (2) Application to Self. 1) Apply Learning to an Organization. The Student will select an organization (a company, business, community organization, public group). The student will consider what he or she learned in this course and prepares a work that demonstrates both command of the subject matter and application to the specific organization. 2) Self Evaluation. Great leaders take time constantly to evaluate where they are, what is working and what is not. Great leaders self-evaluate to discover what areas they need to work on and what areas are in place. This is your time to take a moment and do some of your own self-evaluation. In this work you will Identify your areas of strength and areas for improvement (we all have them). 3) Deliverables. Each of the deliverables will be uploaded separately. How you deliver this project is up to you. It should reflect some of who you are. You may submit a memo, a paper, a PowerPoint, a video, pod cast, slide show?.the possibilities are endless. (Okay, maybe not endless?but many!) Tips: The best works will ? Offer clear and specific linkage between the situation and what they learned in class. ? Suggest specific opportunities for improvement, again linking back to what was learned in class Previous QIDs for this are: 7430248 7432087 please let me know if you have any questions: APA format is important and please read all the below requirements from my professor 10 Key Attributes of Professional Writing Clear, powerful communication is essential in every profession. This is why the Post University MBA program requires students to communicate and write well. Here are 10 keys attributes of Post University MBA writing. 1. Use simple language In the business world, no one should need an advanced college degree to read your business report or other communication. Potent thoughts are often embodied in simple language. Example: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt changed ?The potential for fearing the future is actually the greatest deterrent to conquering our apprehension about the economy? to ?The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.? 2. Write in specifics, not generalities When you use specific language, you increase the chance the reader will understand. Specific words have a greater impact on people than vague or abstract words. Example: You are less likely to get the action you want when you ask someone to contact you as soon as possible. You are more likely to get action when you ask more specifically: ?Mary, please call me by 4 p.m. today.? 3. Distinguish between fact and opinion Business readers will make decisions based on the information you present. They need a clear way to assess the accuracy and reliability of each statement. This is in contrast to wide, far reaching opinions. Example: On page one of ?Creativity: Flow and The Psychology of Discovery and Invention?, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says that creative ideas come from the synergy of many sources and not just from a single person?s mind. I agree. 4. Don?t misplace your modifiers Modifiers are parts of a sentence that describe or ?modify? other parts. If you misplace modifiers you create unintended, incorrect meanings. Example: Do not write, ? To promote creativity within my teams, it is very beneficial?? Do write, ?To promote creativity within my teams, I find it beneficial?? 5. As in business, style counts. Follow APA style. In business, getting the job done isn?t everything. You may need to get the job done using an approved company or organization process, for example. This is true in the Post MBA program, too. Great thoughts and research are not enough. You must follow APA (American Psychological Association) style. Example: Post University, MBA Program, Key Attributes of Professional Writing, 2 APA style requires a 12 point font size in Times New Roman or a similar font. You must double-space all lines. Do not use contractions. Space twice between sentences. 6. Break up long sentences Research shows that if you want 90 percent of people to understand what you write, you must use sentences that average about 14 words. Do write some short sentences. Do write a few longer sentences, too, but break up most overly long (25 words or more) sentences. Example: Can managers encourage change through their behavior, the behavior of others and changes in the work environment? Can managers structure that change to increase creativity and behavior towards organizational goals? Yes, they can. 7. Pour in strong active verbs Verbs are the engines of your sentences. Everything else is cargo. Verbs act. Verbs swing. Verbs cascade. Verbs explode. Verbs energize your writing. Strive for strong action verbs that precisely communicate your meaning. Example: In a case study paper, one Post University MBA student picked a slew of strong verbs: Squash, excite, encourage, create, bolster, pose and seek. 8. Don?t write like Shakespeare William Shakespeare placed the climax of his stage plays in the fourth act. That?s great for plays but horrible for MBA student papers. Put your big ideas up front. In business, people will not dig through your communications to discover the big idea. Example: ABC Company appears to be an organization in conflict with regard to management?s desire to be both creative and productive without providing the resources (mainly time) to be both at the same time. 9. Know that little things are big things No one will notice a stunning, well?crafted, sparkling white dress shirt if it has a small red stain on it. All eyes go to the stain. The same is true of your papers. It is hard for readers to focus on your brilliant ideas when your paper includes simple spelling and grammar errors. Always proofread your work. Example: Don?t write like this student did: ?True, it is funy how this wek I have been more awre of my decisions and how i have com about them.? Instead write: ?True, it is funny how this week I have been more aware of my decisions and how I have come about them.? 10. Submit your best work. Perhaps the biggest writing mistake MBA students make is not devoting enough time to written projects. Build time into your schedule to plan what you write; write a rough draft; and then let that rough draft sit (at least for a few hours). You will be amazed when you go back to your writing because you will see errors you missed. You will see easy ways to improve how you communicate your ideas. There are no good writers. There are only good rewriters. All good writers rewrite their best work. Never submit your first draft! In an online MBA program, writing is the way you earn your grades and prove you know the material. In almost every case, the MBA students who write well, do well. Adopt these 10 attributes of professional writing into everything you do during this course. You will be more pleased with the grades you earn. And the benefits of clear, effective professional writing will help you succeed wherever you go.,Thanks,Make sure you do it correctly, I need this to shine, meaning use proper APA format as described and format the paper to display the professor?s expectations.,There are two parts to this assignment (1) Application to an Organization and (2) Application to Self. 1) Apply Learning to an Organization. The Student will select an organization (a company, business, community organization, public group). The student will consider what he or she learned in this course and prepares a work that demonstrates both command of the subject matter and application to the specific organization. Cover any specific organization and apply the buisness aspect, economical factos, the growth stage, maturaty phase, and all the phases that takes an organizaion to be sucessful,This has to be at least 10 to 13 pages long, this is my final exam,This look like a disgrace, I paid $80 for this. You could have put much more effort into this paper. I have to fix the APA format that is not proper per my teacher?s guidance and add additional information, such as a table of contents. You really need to read the expectations of your clients before you start a doing a paper.,your time is up,you missed the deadline I provided the paper was due at 3pm today, dont even worry acout correcting it, its to late,Will my refund be autorized? also you missed the deadline. I believe I should recieve a full refund.,You missed the deadline of midnight on the 20th; I received the paper on the 21st. I want my refund, I deal is a deal sorry, you should had done the paper on time, You caused me not to have my paper turned in on time due to it being delivered late, also The Format was just simply horrible.


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