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Responses to three questions applicable to organization in attached document (CCBP). a. A detailed Organizational Chart or Table of Organization b. A detailed and specific Value Chain Analysis c. A narrative section of the plan that delineates your formal business-level strategy, or, if you are working with a large multi-business corporation, addresses the BCG analysis 1. Identify the component aspects of your business, specifically in terms of its organization and structure. Create a descriptive chart or a table of activities that comprise the undertakings and activities of your organization. Which of these are outsourced? Which are carried out or produced in-house? If you have an existing Organizational Structure and Table of Organization as described in the outline in the Program Project area on the left navigation bar, you may use or modify that. If not, you will need to create one. 2. Create a detailed Value Chain flow chart, with accompanying analysis, as instructed by Dr. Craddock and presented in the program project rubric. You may wish to review the links in the Learning Resources area for this week. Once you have created your Value Chain, you should engage in a comparison of its content to your Organizational Structure and Table of Organization noted above. Write a summary that compares the undertakings and activities to your Value Chain items. Note the strengths and shortcomings of the existing or planned structure, and what measures you will undertake to address them. This summary should be strategic in nature (see the Program Project rubric for details), and should incorporate a discussion of how you will employ metrics and strategy in order to address categories of your Business Plan or Business Analysis Plan. However, your work will likely inform other areas of the plan, and you should integrate the results of your comparative analysis accordingly. 3. Write a narrative section (four to five paragraphs) for your plan that formally identifies your business-level strategy for the organization and makes a persuasive case as to why your chosen strategy is the best one. Be sure to argue why the strategy you have chosen is the best and most appropriate one. Please site references.


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