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Part 3 - Financial Analysis Nearly every proble...




Part 3 - Financial Analysis Nearly every problem or issue confronting an organization has a financial or budgetary impact. For instance, staff turnover has not only a direct cost on recruitment expenses, training costs, and productivity, but also an indirect cost related to the loss of organizational learning. In Part 3, detail the financial implications to the organization related to your problem or issue, including the additional costs that may arise if the problem or issue is not resolved effectively. The paper should be 1-2 pages. This part 3 is done using part 2 that you did for me. I have attached the part 2 assignment you completed to help you do part 3,Thank you!,Rachel this assignment part 3 is the same as part 2 (82222169.doc) that you did for me. It is a three part assignment over three weeks you did all of them but this one is the same. Thanks,Sorry and thank you. Is there a reference? Thanks again


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