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How much would it be for a 10 page paper APA style paper on the following: Consider a situation where someone in your professional life (not necessarily a CEO or formal leader) either demonstrated the characteristics and behaviors associated with effective leadership or failed to do so. Select an example sufficiently meaningful for you that it has caused you to reflect upon your own leadership capacity and goals. Your example can be a relatively minor incident or something that had a broader and more significant organizational impact. What is most important for this assignment is that it served to influence your thinking and possibly your behavior in the workplace. 2. Critically analyze the situation using the following questions as a guide, carefully explaining and supporting each conclusion you offer with references to the relevant scholarly literature and well developed arguments: ? Why (or why not) does this serve as an example of exemplary leadership? ? Which source or sources of organizational power did the leader employ and was this handled optimally? ? To what extent was the leader constrained by the existence of the types of contingency factors Colquitt et al describe? ? What influence tactics were used in this situation and were they effective? Are there others that might have been used and, if so, how and why? ? Which decision-making style best describes what happened in this situation and was it effective? Why/why not? ? Is this best described as an example of transformational or transactional leadership? ? Is there evidence of what Colquitt et al refer to as "neutralizers" or "substitutes" in this situation? ? Did your example have an impact on performance and/or commitment and, if so, was it positive or negative and why? ? What ethical issues were involved and were they handled in a way that supports your conclusions about the type of leadership your example illustrates? ? Having now read some of the scholarly work on leadership and having reflected further upon this example, what lessons does it offer you for your own personal development? 3. Seek and effectively incorporate insights and support from at least two relevant scholarly journal articles (from the approved list) in addition to the assigned readings. 4. Use the following format for your paper: ? Title page ? Abstract ? Introduction: In one short paragraph explain the purpose of the assignment, the main points you will be making, and organization for the paper. ? Context: A brief explanation of the leadership example you will be using. ? Analysis and Diagnosis: Use the theories and ideas examined throughout this seminar, and the additional articles, to critically analyze the situation and to address the questions described above. ? Conclusions and Reflections: Offer a brief summary of what you found and concluded along with reflections about the lessons you will take from this research project as a current or future manager/leader. You may use this as an opportunity to comment upon the results of the assessments you have taken this semester and the implications for managing situations such as the one you analyzed.,Dont worry aboout the paper anymore thanks!


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