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Outline and Resources (Final Case Study) After the case study proposal i need to do the following to prepare for my final case study paper: Your next task in preparing your final case study is to develop an outline. Make sure that you have some idea of where you are going with your case study. This outline can become your table of contents. Remember that it is a living document, subject to revision as you research and learn more. However, you will need to keep it current and it will keep you on track. Along with the outline you should provide an initial list of 4 - 5 resources you plan to use for the case study. This will give you a solid foundation for the research aspect of your case study. 5 of 10 You will likely find additional resources as you work up to completing the final draft of the case study. Your outline should be a clearly formatted estimation of your final case study. Preliminary resources should be cited using APA format.


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