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Hi there, Thanks for your message. This researc...




Hi there, Thanks for your message. This research project is to be carried out in structural engineering discipline and medium-large size design consultant firm. With regards to your questions: Q1. Yes, you can use an alternative model instead of IDEFO. Q2. Don't have to do much on buffer, maybe report could say allowing more time for design verification process. Q3. Yes, it means how design process is implemented. Q4. Maybe, could do interviews with architects, structural & electrical engineers, draughtsmen, project manager, etc. Maybe 5 - 6 interviews...its totally up to you, depends on how much you willing to commit to this assignment. Cheers!,Hi there, I have increased the price as you requested, hope you're happy with it. I have 28 literature/articles for you, will send it through to you now k. Cheers!,Hi there Arun, Could you please confirm to me whether you have received all 28 reading material that I send through as an attachment? Thanks!,Hi Tutor, FYI: I have attached the progress report I have done so far. This is for your information and you can use the attachment if you want to. Cheers!,HI, In the report, could you include the completed interview sheets in Appendices please. Thanks!


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