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Ok, I can increase the price to $200 for your time and effort. See attachment for question.,See attachment for reading material 1.,See attachment for reading material 2.,Please let me know if you have received the two case studies. I cannot find this on the internet or cannot find the link to send to you. Thanks!,See attachment, let me know if you can view the attached file! I tried to send you the case studies earlier but seems to me that you haven't received it or cannot view the document.,See attachment for another case study.,So, you got all 3 documents with you, a word document with relevant questions and 2 pdf files (case studies) right? Thanks!,Hi there Arun, Cool, I was just checking to see whether you got all the 3 documents needed for this assignment. Thanks for your help! Cheers!,Cool, thanks! All the best and I know your answers are quality.,Cool, thanks for your help!


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